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We are the best in business when it comes to WordPress development. Anything that you can imagine, we can make it happen in WordPress. Our expert WordPress Developers build Great & Lead-generating WordPress websites

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    We are leaders in WordPress Development

    WordPress has emerged as the best CMS with more than 75million sites developed with it. Sites developed with WordPress easy-to-use for users and easy to manage for the owners. At Krocess, WordPress development is our forte. We have a team of professionals well-known in the community for its core contribution to WordPress. Over the years, our team rescued hundreds of broken WordPress projects. We have the expertise of working on projects where we implemented the complex and very unique business requirements of our clients. We have taken regular WordPress sites to a whole new level. Our objective is to develop user-friendly WordPress sites for the visitors and ensure maximum lead-generation for the owners. We also make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. If you have a unique business requirement or you want a normal WordPress site, we are your one-stop solution. Get Started

    WordPress Plugin and Theme Development and Customization

    Need a custom theme or plugin to match your business necessities? We are just the right company for you. Our team has vast experience in custom development of WordPress themes and plugins. We can develop just the right, made-to-measure, theme and plugin for you to gain more success in your online business. Our team has developed every kind of plugins from job boards to WooCommerce extensions. We have also developed aesthetically pleasing themes for our clients as per their preferences.
    If you already own a theme or plugin but it is not exactly what you need, just drop us a line and let’s make it right for you. Krocess WordPress team has served hundreds of clients in need of customization in their theme or plugin. We promise to make those themes and plugins fit your business needs. Get Started

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    eCommerce – WooCommerce

    We have an experienced team of WordPress developers with broad experience in WooCommerce integration, custom add-on development, and modification. If you want to open an online store or you already have a store but need some modifications to meet your business needs then you are in the right place. We also offer services for payment gateway add-on development and integration for WooCommerce as well as other API integration. Get Started!

    Need a rescue for your broken WordPress site or you can’t find the competent developers? Let’s discuss your project for creative solutions.

    Email: hello@krocess.com

    WordPress Multisite

    WordPress allows a feature of creating multiple sites with different domains/subdomains. It is an ideal solution for local and international businesses with multiple subsites managed by different teams. For example banks with various branches, cafes with multiple franchises and schools with distributed campuses, etc can use this feature for ease of management. Our developers in WordPress division are experts in multisite development and management. If this suits your business needs then drop us a line and let’s get you started.

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    Payment Gateway and API Integration

    Krocess team has broad exposure to working with a large number of payment gateways for WordPress sites. We have developed custom plugins for payment gateways integration for different plugins like WooCommerce and BuddyPress. We have helped a large number of our clients get secure payments using any payment gateway of their choice. Security in the payment process is our number one preference and we make sure to implement the latest standards to receive the payments for our clients. Over the years our experienced team has helped our clients with the successful integration of a wide variety of third-party API as well. Get Started!

    WordPress Support & Maintenance

    WordPress is famous for its devotion to site security which requires updating all of its products including core, plugins, theme, and bug fixes on a regular basis. It is indispensable to keep your site updated not only for operation purposes but also to maintain the updated security standards. Krocess offers 3 maintenance and support plans for WordPress websites that allow us to keep your site updated on a regular basis. Choose the package that suits you and let us worry about the rest. Meanwhile, you can focus on what matters the most for the growth of your business. Get Started.

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    Long Term & Short Term Projects

    We have two different plans for you, Dedicated Developer and Fixed Bid. Whether you need a particular help or a complete WordPress Website Development, we deliver it all. Dedicated Development Plan is usually used by longer projects with a higher level of complexity and Fixed Bid is more popular with short-term projects and occasional help & fixes. Pick the one that suits the most to your budget and business requirement.

    Pick the pricing model that is most suitable for your needs and hire the best developers in the WordPress industry:

    Fixed Bid
    pay per hour, starting from $12/hour

    pay per month, starting from $1200/month

    Maintenance & Support
    to ensure that your site is secure, up-to-date and functionl, starting from $120/month

    The Process


    We understand your needs and requirements


    We design the mockups based on your requirements


    Develop a prototype of design to be approved by you and our QA team


    Finalize and launch the site on server


    Necessary support and maintenance of your site

    Let’s not worry about budget

    Krocess offers pricing to handle all classes of budget and project requirements. We know the value of dreams and promise that the budget would be the last of your worries.

    Fixed Bid

    Fixed Bid is usually used for short term projects for small WordPress development or occasional help. We assess your project requirements and give you the estimated hours to complete the tasks.
    - from $12 hour

    Dedicated Developer

    This pricing method is usually used for long-term projects. You have the liberty to pick a developer of your choice and pay per month. That developer will dedicatedly work on your tasks as per your requirements and needs.
    - from $1200 month

    Maintenance Plans

    We take care of everything important on your site while you focus on the growth of your business. Maintenance Plans are to help you worry less about the site. You pick a WordPress maintenance plan of your need and we make sure that your website works smoothly.
    - from $120 month

    Let’s make a great WordPress site with your ideas and our passion for success.